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邮件收发室 and 打印中心 staff can give you new ideas and help you make your project look its best.

印刷 services include enlarge, 减少, 单边, 双面, 幻灯片, 折叠, 切割, GBC绑定, 表帐篷, 海报, 传单, postcards and personal copies. Mailing Services are also available and while we are not a postal station, we can certainly assist you with incoming and outgoing mail providing postage estimates and answering basic questions.

When addressing mail to a Coe student please use the following format: Coe College, 学生的名字, 乔治·梅森大学# # #, 东北第一大道1220号, 锡达拉皮兹市, IA 52402.


The 打印中心 has a large variety of colors:

  • over 30 colors in stock
  • pastels, brights, whites, specialty papers
  • special paper can be ordered for jobs of 100 or more
  • white, grey and ivory resume paper with matching envelope

Textures and Weights

  • 20#
  • 卡片纸
  • 纤维
  • 羊皮纸


  • 8 1/2x11
  • 8 1/2x14
  • 11x17
  • custom 切割 is also available


请联系 安德里亚·珀金斯 in the 邮件收发室 and 打印中心 for pricing information.

Complete a print request order form

科霍克收发室 & 打印中心 provides services to support the student life, educational and business operations of Coe College. We provide service to Coe students as well as to faculty and staff members for educational and business purposes. These projects are the highest priority. 如果时间允许, we may provide services to faculty and staff for personal use and to organizations and individuals outside of our campus community. Coe College reserves the right to refuse this service at any time.

Coe College does not assume responsibility for incoming or outgoing mail/packages that are lost, stolen or damaged during shipment or while in storage. 因此, please make sure all valuable items are insured and trackable when being sent from Coe and received at Coe.